Welcome to Unacknowledged Alarms — a place where I, Khalid Ansari, like to discuss topics mostly neglected elsewhere.. just like the hundreds of alarms at most control rooms begging for attention, but are usually right-clicked and “acknowledged” en masse!

More than discuss, I intend to use this blog to record my findings and observations.  Topics are mostly related to my background and professional interests:  Automation, Control, Production Information, and Data in general.  However, anything technical is a fair game.

Thank you for stopping by.  Leave a comment (or two!) while here.

Small-print and disclaimer (especially for bored lawyers):  Opinions expressed here are solely mine and do not represent that of my current, previous, or even future employers.  Anything proposed, suggested, implied, or even perceived implied as a good measure or a good idea is again a purely personal observation, and not to be taken as professional advice.  In other words, no matter what, you will not sue me.

  1. Juvenal Martinez said:

    We are eagerly waiting for more of what you promised..

    • Khalid said:

      Thank you for the nudge Juvenal. I am planning on posting regularly.

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